Strong Safety

The Strong Safety is a sassy, sharp tongued, witty player who is very self confident in how she plays the game. Likely to override the coach's suggestions with her own “better” ideas which she garners support for by repeating ideas multiple ways to her teammates, even lecturing on field. Long and bendy but sharp in mannerism with protruding elbows and knobby knees, she is very emotive in her body expression. Slight for a football player, she is able to maneuver and move through gaps quickly, fast and good at fake-outs, and able to use misdirection as a strategy to tangle up opponents.

Though they like to think of themselves as self-sufficient and smarter than people around them, they frequently share others’ anecdotes as if they were their own. The strong safety really cares about how other people see them, concerning themselves with the internal politics of the team above the strategy of the game.

When surprised by an offensive success she can panic and feel personally offended. This results in an impulsive reaction where she hits back with fingers and a defiant attitude where she questions asking why is this on her? Why is this her problem? Her reaction feels like a disproportionate response. When asked to perform a play they don’t think will be successful, They become resigned and quiet. In this case, the Safety’s no might be completely unnoticed by teammates and ignored in the physicality of the game. If a cue is misinterpreted it provokes quiet anger and will have repercussions where she begins to seek REVENGE.