Join us for this workshop intensive in which participants explore the cultural impact of American football and collectively contribute to a new simulation of the sport. The various players in Football Practice simulation software are crafted by the collective contributions from participants. Each workshop designs and "drafts" two new players into scrimmage, diractly shaping the speculative imaging of the game. Inspired by the surrealist game Exquisite Corpses and video game sports simulations such as Madden, participants in the workshop discuss the importance of consent, aggression, and competitive drive as they playfully draft new players to join speculative teams that play the game in real time.

Each workshop hosts 6-10 participants and is open to anyone regardless of their knowledge or interest in football. Part performance lecture part interactive imagining, Workshops are 2hrs in duration and take place over zoom. If you are interested in participating and have accommodation requests, please email kristinmcwharter @