Right Cornerback

The cornerback cares a lot of stability. They are conservative and yearn for predictable outcomes. Having grown up in a military, disciplined home they value discipline, structure, and reliability. The frequent changes in their military home guided them to a desire for stability that they could only achieve within the game of football. In the team they found what felt like a stable family. The discipline of the defensive line helped them to handle conflict by teaching them perseverance: powering through any obstacle.

Keen on predictable outcomes, the cornerback feels most confident when they know they are more powerful than other people. They thrive off of the ability to shut people down; to be in control. They are keep their body secure and low to the ground. A fan of Captain America, they think of themselves as a do-gooder. A Hero, albeit a villan to some. They see themselves as the bully that has your back. Assertive. Intimidating. Proud.

Abopve all else however is their commitment to their team. They value the collective and consider all of their achievements as evidence of the power discipline holds within a group with a shared goal. They love being needed and they love supporting their teammates. They would hate turning out not resourceful and not being able to help. Especially if its someone in their inner circle. In their position, they constantly and consistantly "save" the team. thanklessly, having critical responsibilities to the team. They will do everything in their power to help a teammate out, even if the effort is thankless or their achievements go unnoticed. They Enjoy the burden of the role to defend. They take pride in how important their job is. As a result, they are respected by the team on the field, however they have a difficult time forming relationships off the field.