The Center is a happy go lucky, amenable, adaptable, but somewhat fickle player. When faced with a difficult outcome or a prickly opponent, the center quickly tries a new strategy, staying positive up until they feel backed into a corner. The center is most confident when they are faced with easy choices and are able to react quickly- but when an easy solution isn’t immediately apparent they can become insecure and retreat inward. They become less attached to the game and more likely to quit the game entirely.

Most of the time, they will act like they do not possess the power in order to maintain a non-hierarchical group dynamic. When their power is threatened, they may try to adapt to the changed group dynamic, almost letting go of their power. They move slowly but powerfully. Sturdy and stable. They are confident and graceful with their movement, floating the mass of their body through time and space. Although smaller in relation to other linebackers, their confidence can be intimidating and make them seem larger than they actually are. When they are discouraged however, their body collapses inwards, becoming curvy, loose, contoured flips and flops of dismissal.

They tend towards avoiding strong emotions but are not guarded, careful not to overly influence their teammates. This helps them to quickly “problem solve” a play without feeling the emotional weight of a moment. When the emotions of a particular moment become overwhelming, like when their teammates become overly lethargic and cynical, they distance themselves with other amusements. Often seen as courteous, professional, and positive- it’s shocking to others when this is not the case. They may conceal their real opinion about a situation if it will not improve the game play and can therefore harbor hidden resentments. They are a bit fixed in their ways in that regard. A little bit immature in that they respond to conflict and confrontation in the same way every time. When they celebrate they are reserved, displaying small gentle gestures of pride.